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Ways Sensing Types Are Better Than You

While it’s easy to develop a bias and to get caught in us vs them thinking, there are many reasons not to underestimate Sensory types. First, let’s talk about the upper edge. The reason why Sensory types tend to be more successful than iNtuitives. Then, let’s talk about how Sensory types use iNtuition differently and ways Sensory types out-intuit iNtuitives. This article can help you as an iNtuitive connect better with sensory types and it can help Sensory types better recognise their own strengths and abilities.

The Upper Edge – Why Sensory Types Outcompete Intuitives

While iNtuitives learn faster, Sensory types have more grit. That means they will sit down longer with and study harder than the average iNtuitive. They are more resilient and dwell less long on mistakes and failures. They are good at keeping a steady course in life. Sensory types will put in more effort into what they do.

They do not get distracted as easily and can maintain attention and focus on a task longer. They get tired less quickly and show more strength in everyday situations. Sensory types think more practically and socially about life and work harder to stay useful and relevant to society. They will pursue more relevant education and more direct strategies to succeed. They ask their community what is requested and then they present this to their community.

Being a Sensory type is not without its share of struggles and problems. Your type can get stuck easily and you can sometimes be too afraid of change. You may ignore ideas that you consider unfeasible, only to later see them grow to become highly profitable. As a Sensory type, you may miss out on chances and new opportunities. As an Intuitive type, you can learn a lot from the Sensing type. Think: How could I become more successful by developing more grit? You might wonder “How can I learn to work harder?” How can I procrastinate less on my ideas? Those are great questions.

How Sensory Types Use iNtuition

First, we have two groups of Sensory types. iNtuitive Third and iNtuitive Last types.

iNtuitive Third types are people that rely on iNtuition everyday as a tool or means to an end. They see iNtuition and brainstorming, and creativity, as ways to solve practical problems that they encounter in life. If there is an issue in the world or in their community, they will use creativity to come up with ideas.

iNtuitive Last types are people that use iNtuition with extreme or unusual conscientiousness. They work harder to fact-check their iNtuition and want to back up assumptions or theories with real data. If there is a new idea or a change in the world, they want to manage this change using Sensing. You run experiments and you think of processes and methods to manage change correctly. You are afraid of getting intuition wrong. And you may worry of acting on false beliefs.

iNtuitive Third Types

ISTPs, ISFPs, ESFJs and ESTJs are iNtuitive Third types. They have Control iNtuition. That means they use iNtuition as a method to get control their situation. You will dismiss unfeasible or extreme or weird ideas while actively pursuing ideas that have immediate practical value or potential.

They will hone their iNtuition in a specific area and can even appear as iNtuitives because they can dream big or have high visions or goals in certain fields. You can be very creative when it serves a concrete value. What you have to recognise is that they will not use iNtuition for fun. They experience no joy in this and will not do it recreatively.

What can be said about this type is that they can be a lot more liberal and flexible in their iNtuition than other types. They can say any crazy idea and care little about having the facts to back it up. They don’t need it to be correct, they just need it to have the right effect in the specific situation.

Intuitive Last Types

ISTJs, ISFJs, ESFPs, and ESTPs are people that use iNtuition with high conscientiousness. While ENFPs and INFJs may go about and chase their dreams without a thought about the possibility of failure or fear, ISTJs and ESFPs are all going to look around before they cross the road at least twice.

These types want ideas to follow a straight process. They want to read the instructions before they try something new. They want to cross-reference their ideas and discuss their theories with other people in the community to make sure it’s not too far out there. As an ESTP, you want to make sure you know what you talk about. Sensory dominant types want to know what they are talking about.

They research extensively and practice often to make sure they are good at what they do. They build a reputation on knowing what they talk about and don’t say something just because it sounds nice.

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Let me know if you want to read this article but from an iNtuitive perspective. Don’t worry, iNtuitives, you are also awesome. But don’t forget, Sensory types are cool too.


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