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Volodymyr Zelenskyy Personality Type | The Comedian Who Became President

I’ve received many requests to type Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Here is my analysis of him and his personality type.

Body Language

First of all, Volodymyr has an open expression, his gaze wide, his forehead furrowed, manifesting as a constant state of surprise we recognise in the Extroverted iNtuitive Personality Types. Besides that, he holds a neutral facial expression, his chin perched outwards, signalling an analytical gaze. His expression is that of a person who is curious yet cautious, someone who wants to understand, yet also wants to verify and test and decide what is true and what is false, using Introverted Thinking.


I don’t want to make too much effort to analyse the speech of Volodymyr. His press conferences are most likely thoroughly scripted and written not just by him, but by skilled writers in his stab, still, he chooses what message that he deems to represent, and the values that I hear him speak of with the most passion, is the freedom of his people. We are all the president, he says, and more than that:

“I am here, we will not lay down any weapons We will defend our state, because our weapons are our truth.”

“The president is not an icon, an idol or a portrait. Hang your kids’ photos on the walls instead, and think of them when you make decisions.”

It seems to me that in making statements such as these, he is rejecting his Introverted Sensing status, role and identity, and instead focuses on why he is in the office. He seems passionate about the change he wants to bring about, and seems to hold little personal attachment to his identity or his own role in this change.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, The ENTP Personality Type

Based on this, my natural conclusion is that he is an ENTP Personality Type. Someone who leads through example, who chooses his words carefully, and says only what he deems to be correct. Someone who even in times of war, will speak fairly of his enemies, and will understand both positions, and think tactically about the best move he can take to bring a solution to the conflict.

Volodymyr has a natural talent in managing people and in presenting a likeable, positive front to the world, probably as a result of his capacity for understanding people and how they think, and that makes me assume he might be an ENTP Personality Type with strong Extroverted Feeling.

But that’s just my best guess. What do you see in Volodymyr and how would you type him?


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2 years ago

Could he be the introverted sister profile … Look at his wife, she seems the extraverted dual.

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