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Use The 5th Function To Achieve True Creativity

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Most people aren't really creative. How many do you know that have written a book, a play, or a musical? How many do you know that have made a song? Creativity is hard and scary. And I've found that Creative types have been able to access the unconscious - the 5th function - and are able to use it and its powers.

In this article, learn how to use sthe 5th function to achieve true creativity.


Most people never master this skill. Using the 5th function is a high risk, high reward strategy. It requires courage and boldness. Highly creative people are able to accomplish great ventures, more than what an individual should be capable of, but also more likely to experience doubt, anxiety, and fear. Creative people make the most mistakes - and the most success.

Tuning in to your creativity and 5th function requires trust. You need to let go of your ego and what you know and allow yourself to learn new things. You have to put yourself in new and unexpected situations, outside your comfort zone. If y our brain tells you to do something, you need to do the opposite of that, because that's too simple. If you're afraid of failure or of making mistakes, you need to learn to shut that voice off, and try anyways.

The number one secret of creative people? How do they manage their fear of failure and making mistakes? They laugh. They have humor. They let themselves be silly. They don't take themselves too seriously. They know mistakes are a part of the process. They enjoy the art of creation as much as the end result. They appreciate creativity in other people, even when it's not perfect. And they never settle for less than the best.

How does the 5th function make you more creative?

When the 5th function is able to appropriately influence your dominant function, the two blend together, and the conflicting attitudes of these two functions become the creative process. With these two functions, your brain becomes like a popcorn machine, bouncing in different directions, some familiar, and some scary and unexpected. But with humor, you can enjoy the process, and laugh at the contradictions and unexpected discoveries.

What is your 5th cognitive function?

INFP AND ISFP: Extroverted Feeling
INTP AND ISTP: Extroverted Thinking
INTJ AND INFJ: Extroverted iNtuition
ISTJ AND ISFJ: Extroverted Sensing
ESTJ AND ENTJ: Introverted Thinking
ESFJ AND ENFJ: Introverted Feeling
ESFP AND ESTP: Introverted Sensing
ENFP AND ENTP: Introverted iNtuition

Use The 5th Function To Achieve True Creativity

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