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Hey everyone, I’m Erik Thor, an expert on using personality psychology for flow and personal development.

Two Reasons We’re Obsessed With The MBTI

The MBTI can be a lot of fun!

However, people are generally obsessed with MBTI tests because they want to fit in or feel unique. Let me explain using Abraham Maslow’s theory of personal development.

Abraham Maslow’s Core Needs

Maslow argued that we all share a set of core needs. For example:

Transcendence needs

Actualization needs

Esteem needs

Want to stand out

Love needs

Want to fit in

Safety needs

Physical needs

When people feel a lack of love or connection, they develop a persona or identity to be liked by others. For example, you might hope that by fitting yourself into a particular personality category, you will find other people who will like you. But this can also lead to having to compromise how you feel.

When people feel a lack of self-worth, they aggressively seek a unique or special identity that they think is superior to other people or identities.


  • What do I compromise or avoid by clinging too tightly to an MBTI personality type?
  • How can my MBTI type be a way for me to feel superior to other people? And in what ways does it reflect my feelings of inferiority or lack of self-esteem?
  • What kind of desires or feelings are hidden away inside me?
  • How does this MBTI type contribute to my need to fit in?
  • How can I feel good about myself without anger with people different from me?

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