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The Reviewers: How Do I Know What I Want?

Do you know what you want? Are you able to speak out for it to others? Are you competitive or are you more collaborative? How do you know what you want and what can Enneagram 8, Enneagram 1, and Enneagram 9 and The Hero Archetype teach you about expressing your values, standing up for your beliefs, and making decisions that fit with your morals and sense of right and wrong?

Do I want to be happy or do I want to be succesful?

Enneagram 8 and 1 are the competitive, disagreeable types. They value performance and improvement over harmony, happiness, or peaceful collaboration with others. The Enneagram 8 and 1 represent our ability to fight with and disagree with others when necessary.

The Enneagram 9 and the Hero archetype represent our ability to be kind towards ourselves and others. The Utopian and the Hero can collaborate with and work together with others and value harmony and teamwork. 

Should I say something or should I focus on myself? 

There is a big divide in whether a person is able to go out and seek what they want, or whether the person chooses to just dream or think about it in the peace and quiet away from others. The Ruler archetype (8) and the Hero archetype are sometimes forceful and can more easily go out and act for what is most important to them.

The 9 and the 1 archetypes are somewhat passive and reserved and tend to focus more on themselves, but struggle to speak out to others. The strong idea that there is a right or wrong way to say or do something can keep these types from taking action. They may need more time to actually know what they want.

The Different Types 

The Reformer is analytical and competitive. They like to analyse a situation and see how it could be done better. The Enneagram 1 is often seen as too critical or negative.

The Hero is outgoing and cooperative. They like to go out and work together with others to make things happen. The hero can be seen as too optimistic, reckless and naive. 

The Utopian is analytical and agreeable. They like to think about the group and the team and to make sure everyone is happy and in good spirits. 9s often struggle with speaking out for and knowing what they want. They can appear passive or indecisive at times. 

The Ruler is outgoing and competitive. They like to go out and show people what they are capable of. They like to impress or challenge people and try their hand at something. The ruler is often seen as pushy and competitive, never happy and always expecting more from others. 

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