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Hey everyone, I’m Erik Thor, an expert on using personality psychology for flow and personal development.

The Intuitive Zone

How can iNtuitives enter into a flow state?


  • Work in a minimalistic and open space
  • Recognize and create a language or concepts to verbalize thoughts and ideas
  • Rapidly change perspectives, switch angles, or vantage points.
  • Define your ideas in multiple languages.
  • Look for alternative interpretations
  • Ask many questions
  • Ask yourself what the relationship between things are
  • Find alternative reading and contradictory sources
  • Have discussions with multiple people of different opinions
  • Make time to explore and research new ideas
  • Realize not every idea has to pan out


  • Work in a tight or cluttered environment.
  • Keep ideas vague, abstract, and undefined.
  • Maintain the same perspective.
  • Minimize questions, rush answers
  • Talk only to a homogenous group
  • Seek information that agrees with your initial point of view
  • Limit reading and information to specific category or topic
  • Minimize comparisons
  • Add tight deadlines to keep people stressed and locked on a target

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