The Flow Inventory (0.5)

Finding your personality type can be a difficult process, especially if the answer keeps changing over time. There are so many perspectives on your personality and so many things to consider, so how can you narrow down and decide on one specific option?

Why should you take the Flow Inventory?

  • To get more awareness of the multiple sides to your personality and to see how multi-faceted you are as a person
  • To provide understanding of your behaviour, your attitudes, and your primary needs.
  • To gain additional help and support during coaching sessions, if you are taking my coaching sessions. (Patreon only)
  • To help promote flow and personal growth, to give you practical tips you can use to have more energy and motivation.

How does the Flow Inventory work?

The test will give you a map of your:

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (16 Personalities) personality result

Big 5 personality result, which focuses on your behaviour

Enneagram personality result, which focus on your core needs.

Cognitive Function scores, which focus on general patterns in how you think.

This means you can compare if your result is different across any inventory.

Take the personality test

To get your results, become a Patron on and take the personality test below!

What if I don’t agree with the results?

You can take it again next month. Often, while our self-perception can change from day to day, but if we take the same test multiple times, you will eventually establish your average.

What does the report look like?

For now, it’s just a set of basic diagrams and tables, along with some basic explanations, but you’ll get more in-depth results as I keep working on this test!

How do you make sure the results are valid?

I keep track of statistics to identify if any questions don’t work. Your support on patreon helps me maintain validity.


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