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The 16 Personalities On Valentines Day

What is it like to date your personality type? Find out in this article!

The 16 Personalities Love Languages

Introverts will most likely show you love by doing something thoughtful and considerate, showing their listening and thinking skills to come up with something unexpected. They’ll most likely give you a relaxing, comfortable experience, and make you feel safe.

Extroverts will most likely show you love by doing something fun and spontaneous, that was unexpected and thought of in the spur of the moment. They’ll give you a thrill and amuse you!

Intuitives will most likely do something different or original to surprise you, and might not be a fan of traditions and compulsiveness around valentines day. Perhaps they’ll chill down and watch a podcast with you or a documentary on conspiracy theories.

Sensory types will most likely come up with a nice fun routine or something enjoyable that you can do together. They’ll treat you to a fancy dinner or do something unforgettable with you! Perhaps something that involves sports, dancing, or something practical?

Thinking types will take you to a fun competitive date, perhaps a boardgame night, or you’ll stay up all night having interesting discussions about politics, science, and the future!

Feeling types may do something romantic and will ask you deep questions about you, your dreams, and your needs. They’ll think about how they can fit into that.

Judging types will plan out a surprise in advance and come well prepared to the date, while Perceiving types might forget what day it is, but then figure it out, and wing something interesting and spontaneous for you!

The Cognitive Functions as love languages

Introverted iNtuitives are most likely going to fall in love with someone chaotic, creative, and unexpected, someone that can stimulate their mind and make them think. Extroverted Sensors will fall for someone who is surprisingly simple and dependable, someone who is prepared for anything.

Extroverted iNtuitives will probably fall for someone thoughtful and considerate, someone who magically knows their mind and what they want, and someone with a secret plan. Introverted Sensors will most likely fall for someone spontaneous, direct, and decisive, someone who takes action and makes things happen!

Introverted Feeling types will probably fall for someone who is passionate, warm, and generous. Someone who has a big heart. Extroverted Thinking types will probably fall for somebody intelligent, critical, the perfect man or woman, who is talented and competent.

Introverted Thinking types might fall for someone decisive, forceful, and strong. Someone who is resourceful and ambitious. Extroverted Feeling types might fall for someone deep and authentic, someone real, someone who goes their own way, someone with hidden depth.

The 16 Personalities On Valentines Day

In honour of the most romantic day of the year, I made this infographic. It’s just for fun, so take it with a grain of salt.

16 Personalities on Valentines Day


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