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Stardew Valley in 16 Personalities

What are the types and who should you date in stardew valley?

Stardew Valley MBTI. One of the great things about Stardew Valley is the diverse list of characters you will meet. The best thing is, many are single and ready to mingle! Today we are talking about the different matches and what you can expect from them, without spoilers. What are the stardew valley mbti types? And who is your favourite character in Stardew Valley dating?

Stardew Valley Dating

Stardew valley is one of the best farming simulators ever made. It is a versatile game made with years of love by one single developer. The attention to detail in this game is huge. You will find yourself loving all the mini games, the fishing, the adventures down the mine, and of course planting your favourite crops. One of the most fun things is winning over the hearts of the villagers and learning their stories. So who should you date in Stardew Valley?

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Stardew Valley Bachelors

Extroverted, Sensting, Thinking, Judging

Alex will first strike you as the typical jock, but he has a sensitive side too. Alex is fair and very appreciative. He’ll make you feel seen. He is sporty and fun, and quite normal compared to many of the other villagers. Alex loves Sashimi and Salmon Dinner, but early on, you can already befriend him with parsnips and sweet peas.

Introverted, iNtuition, Feeling, Judging

Elliot is extravagant and lives a solitary life away from the other villagers, where he spends most of his time writing. While he’s quite friendly, it will take a while before you feel truly connected to him. If you can break past his positive, friendly barrier, he will reveal a lot of hidden depth. Elliot is a lover of fine things, and so, pomegranate and lobster make great gifts. Don’t have that? Try sweet peas and parsnips.

Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Perceiving

Harvey is the shy type, but he will also blow you away with amazing date ideas and his caring and sensitive nature. Harvey is a big coffee lover, and you should be able to get that quite early in the game. Before then, Daffodils and Sweet Peas work great to woo this bachelor.

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Extroverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Perceiving

Sam is arguably the most fun character in town, most of the time with a smile on his face, despite his family struggles. He will also be the most welcoming in the early days. He is also a super-saiyan. If you love fishing, you’ll get plenty of Joja colas, and Sam likes Joja Cola. If you can get your hands on Cactus Fruit or Pizza, that will make a great surprise!

Introverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Judging

Sebastian sleeps really long, but he’s well worth the wait. Sebastian is the typical aloof gamer, musician, and quite the nerd. He’s not very chatty, but he opens up over time. He has a genuine side to him. Sebastian is a man of strange taste – give him quartz or earth crystal that you find in mines and geodes. Linus will teach you the recipe for sashimi if you befriend him, and that dish will make you really popular with Sebastian.

Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving

Shane is a deeply troubled individual, and spoiler alert, he always will be, at least to an extent – but if you can look past that, he’s going to love and appreciate you. He’ll make you cry a few times, but he’ll also make you melt. Shane likes peppers and sweet peas. But beer is his big favourite if you want him to like you. Probably should not give him too much beer though.

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Stardew Valley Bachelorettes

Extroverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Perceiving

Abigail is the village adventurer. She loves to explore new places and carries natural (yes, natural!) purple hair. She likes quartz, like Sebastian. Her big favourite is Amethyst. If you have a Crystalarium, just put an amethyst in there, and you’ll be her favourite farmer in no time.

Extroverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Judging

Emily is quite the weird character. But she is very upbeat and funky about it. She loves to dance, she likes music, and she enjoys unusual fragrances, places, and items. Emily likes gems from the mine, but a Daffodil will do fine too. Like with Abigail, use your crystalarium to your advantage. Topaz, Jade and Amethyst are her favourites.

Extroverted, Sensory, Feeling, Judging

Haley can come off as superficial at first, but she’s a caring and sweet person underneath. She likes beautiful things, honesty, and quality time spent together. You’ll often find her practising her dance moves outside. With sunflowers and daffodils, you’ll soon become popular with Haley. Coconuts work wonders too.

Introverted, Sensory, Feeling, Perceiving

Leah is free-spirited and nature loving. She lives near the forest, where she enjoys everything life has to offer. I actually find her quite cool, with a simple and sweet story. Leah likes driftwood and basically anything you can find foraging around her house. Her big favourites are wine and truffles.

Introverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Perceiving

Maru is arguably the most intelligent character in Stardew Valley, I mean, how many people do you know that can build their very own robots? You will find dating maru to be an incredibly funny experience with some really silly situations. Maru likes Cauliflower and Strawberries, but I would just give her cauliflowers and save your strawberries. If you are late in the game, just give her your excess gold bars.

Introverted, Sensory, Feeling, Judging

Penny is down to earth and simple. She is a teacher who loves kids. Penny is responsible, loyal and caring. She also gives you great gifts! Melons, poppies and emeralds are popular. So are fish from the Desert biome once you get access to that area.

Do you agree with the stardew valley mbti types that I assigned or would you have typed someone differently? Learn about the different personality types here.


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