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Sport Types : Who Is The Best Quarterback?

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It makes more than sense that there are some patterns between our developed personality and our mental intelligences & physical abilities. People like Jon Niednagel & BrainTypes have been somewhat successful in predicting success in sport based on personality type or developed personal abilities. The issues are separating between general intelligence and ability & type. Like I wrote in an earlier post, SPs tend to have stronger than average instincts. NPs tend to be good at quick and unanticipated actions. SJs show high self-discipline and a strong sense of rhythm. And INJs excel at mental detachment and focus, a good thing in fields like martial arts.

There will be people of a personality type that are more intelligent or able than others, and people who have developed themselves better than others through exercise and passion. So when you figure out your type, you can also learn more about how it connects to your success in various sports. Take this test to start exploring how type is connected to physical abilities, and help me gather some early data.


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