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Hey everyone, I’m Erik Thor, an expert on using personality psychology for flow and personal development.

Self Actualization: Can We Ever Really Be Our True Selves?

I am sometimes typed as an INFJ, sometimes as an INFP, sometimes as an ESFP, sometimes as an INTP. I am often typed as an ENTP or ENFP, and frequently, people will comment that I am an ESFJ. Some think I am manipulative, some think I am nice. Some think I am too sensitive. Some think I am too fake. Society and the community can place contradicting expectations and ideals on us. As a self-first type, I am always trying to just be myself, but I recognize that it is impossible to be 100% yourself.

As a youtuber people constantly try to tell me who I am. But their view of me is always clouded by their view of themselves. We are constantly forced to adjust or compromise ourselves to adjust with the expectations of society and the community. The self stands against the community and society. The community and society wants to help us but also wants to change us. Social expectations can weigh on you.

I believe we are constantly going through an ongoing process of self-actualisation as we are able to change our environment and create a community or place where we can truly be ourselves. I believe when we are in places that do not accept us, we feel increasingly drained, stressed, tense, and anxious. So the process of self-actualisation that 


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