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Hey everyone, I’m Erik Thor, an expert on using personality psychology for flow and personal development.

New video: Introverted Extrovert VS Extroverted Introvert: Which One Are You?

Introverted Extrovert VS Extroverted Introvert: Which One Are You?
Are you an Extroverted Introvert or an Introverted Extrovert? What’s the difference? Let’s talk about the Ambivert and Omnivert – two types said to be in the “middle” of the spectrum. Sometimes introverted. Sometimes extroverted.

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Use Personality Psychology to get to know yourself and grow your emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and consciousness by at least 11%. By better understanding yourself, you can make 44% smarter decisions at work, in relationships, and in your personal life.

People who engage in self-development are more 3x more aware of potential blindspots and flaws and better at working to improve and become more versatile and adaptable people. By investing in your personal growth, you improve cognitive flexibility and become at least 15% more skilled at interpersonal relationships.

I’m widely specialized in psychology and philosophy, primarily on the work of Carl Jung, Adler, Maslow, and the theory of Flow and optimal experience. People come to me to learn about the 16 Personalities, the MBTI, and the Big Five, as well as Neurodivergence, and modern psychological theories.

People sometimes ask me if personality types really exist. No, they don’t, and Carl Jung didn’t believe in them either. They’re just a tool to start a discussion to get you to learn more about different ways of thinking about the world.
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