Understanding Carl Jungs Eight Cognitive Functions

The Cognitive Functions are interesting because they help us understand how we think and what our thought patterns are like. The Cognitive Functions were first studied by Carl Jung. There are eight cognitive functions in total. While any person can use any Cognitive Function, some functions are more normal or native to your personality type.

The Eight Cognitive Functions are:

Introverted iNtuition
Extroverted iNtuition
Introverted Feeling
Extroverted Feeling
Introverted Thinking
Extroverted Thinking
Introverted Sensing
Extroverted Sensing

What do the Cognitive Functions mean?

People that are highly outgoing and high on openness to experience may use a lot of Extroverted iNtuition. A person that is more reserved may use more Introverted iNtuition. Someone who is more closed or traditional, may reject iNtuition as it is seen as too speculative or abstract. Instead, such a person may prefer to engage in more practical or realistic thinking.

Some cognitive functions may be more beneficial to you and may help you enter into a state of flow. Extroverted iNtuition can help an ENFP gain more energy and motivation, while Introverted Sensing will help an ISTJ feel more secure and comfortable. An INTP will respond best to Introverted Thinking, and an ENTJ will respond best to Extroverted Thinking.

Cognitive Functions, Flow Functions

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