What is your personality type?

The 16 Personalities a re unique personality types, all with different cognitive functions and values. Different personality types want and values different things and have different needs and hobbies.

Contrary to some articles online, your personality type is not a box or a limitation. You can do anything or act in any way depending on what is appropriate for the situation. You can learn to do or be like anyone else through hard work and consistent effort. Your personality type is just how you'd ideally like to be, what lifestyle suits you best, and what you enjoy doing the most.

16 Personalities, Personality Types

Updates to the Personality Test

Hey! Hope you are all doing awesome. I thought in this article, that I would give you an […]
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How To Win As An ENFP Myers Briggs Personality Type

Negative bias and an antagonistic relationship towards Introverted Sensing can be your detriment as an ENFP or ENTP. […]
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A Less Biased Take On The Sensing Personality Types in the Myers Briggs Personality Indicator

In this article, I refute the idea of Sensors as more hedonistic, pleasure-seeking, less complex, and less intelligent, and show an alternative definition of Sensing.
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The Definite Guide To The Myers Briggs Personality Type Dichotomies

In this article, you will get basic definitions you can use and apply to understand the Myers Briggs Personality Type Dichotomies, along with examples and situations so that you can know for sure, whether you are an introvert or extrovert.
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