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ISTJ Fear of Change

ISTJ Fears

ISTJs often wrestle a fear of change or insecurities over change. They may worry that change will cause them to become redundant or may feel threatened by the fact that there are changes happening in their group, community, or workplace. Today we are talking about ISTJ Fear of change and how it manifests.

Have you felt that your skills were becoming outdated or that you were less valued in your workplace because you weren’t able to keep up with new updates and ideas in your organisation? It may not be that you are actually doing anything wrong, and in fact, you might be undervaluing your own skills and abilities.

As an ISTJ, you bring consistency to the world and help conserve and use old resources and systems to the advantage of the group. You can also help make sure that change is secure.

How ISTJs can help improve our society:

  • Is there anything we can do to make change more sustainable?
  • How can we avoid this change from overwriting fundamental aspects of our organisation or community?
  • What can we do in order to use critical thinking and conservation to bridge change and new ideas?

These are questions you as an ISTJ have and should ask. If people accuse you of being conservative, or causing problems, just make sure that you are coming from the right mindset. Help people bring forward new ideas and give them a process to make changes. Don’t stop ideas blind or just say no, but set conditions and rules to make sure that things change the right way.

Avoid setting too many rules, as this can discourage new ideas, but set the right amount. Talk with the other people around you to make sure you can come to a good agreement about how to bridge differences in the community.

As an ISTJ, think about and stay objective about the positive advantages of change. Sit down and write down the advantages of new ideas to ensure that you aren’t being regressive or too critical. Recognise that you have a habit of shooting down new ideas because they can scare or stress you out. Recognise that some changes can be worth the stress and effort, as long as they are done correctly. Work on yourself to stay progressive and focused on the long-term good.


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