INFJ Heros Journey | INFJ Personality Description

The INFJ Philosopher Hero

What is the INFJ Personality Type and how do you know you are an INFJ? Let us go on the INFJ Hero’s Journey and find out. In this article, we will discuss:

  • The INFJ Cognitive Functions
  • The INFJ Personality Traits
  • The INFJ Personal Growth Journey, or Hero’s Journey

There are lots of stereotypes about INFJs online. Many focus on superficial traits that may or may not be true to INFJs. I have studied the INFJ Personality Type for more than 10 years, and these are my insights.

The INFJ Hero’s Journey

What is the INFJ Hero’s Journey? It is the path of development and personal growth that all INFJs are on.

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The INFJ Dominant Function – Introverted iNtuition

First of all, the Dominant function, or the hero of the INFJ, is Introverted iNtuition, and so, the INFJ aspires to be a hero by formulating a strong vision for the world and humanity. It is through formulating, and understanding this vision, that the INFJ is able to feel confident and secure in themselves and their own worth.

The INFJ wants to understand the chaotic nature of Extroverted iNtuition and to explain not the past, or our history, but the unknown, mysteries, connections, and hidden patterns in the world. Extroverted iNtuition is the fuel of the INFJ and what an INFJ needs in order to achieve their goals.

The INFJ Mentor – Extroverted Feeling

The Mentor of the INFJ Personality Type is Extroverted Feeling. Humanity is the primary advisor of the INFJ Personality Type. The INFJ is constantly measuring their ideas and theories against how this vision is able to aid humanity. The INFJ will consult other people to understand what is right and wrong. As a Philosopher, you want your ideas to bring harmony to the world, and so, you are looking to and trying to ground your ideas with the people in your life. You are therefore often called an Advocate or a Communicator.

The INFJ Sidekick – Introverted Thinking

Introverted Thinking fills the role of a sidekick in the INFJs stack. The INFJ Philosopher will go into this function to analyse and question their theories and ideas. The role of the sidekick is to validate and support the INFJ Hero, so Introverted Thinking is here used primarily to support the INFJ in their creative and existential pursuits. Outside the INFJs intuition, the introverted thinking is not strong, but in relation to their ideas and projects, it can be a force to be reckoned with.

The INFJ Rival – Extroverted Sensing

The Sensing function of the INFJ is Extroverted in its nature and functions as the INFJs primary rival. It makes the INFJ withdraw from crowds and people. It causes the INFJ to ghost other people and to avoid intense or uncomfortable situations. The goal of this function is to act as a brake if Introverted iNtuition is the engine. INFJs under anxiety tend to withdraw from people or become quiet or isolated.

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