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Four Enneagram Centres

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Do you let your heart or your head decide? Do you trust your gut or your instincts the most? These distinctions will help you understand the Enneagram better.
The heart is about our value, our worth, our importance to others and to ourselves. The head is about our thoughts, our reasons, why we do what we do, what is the smart thing to do. Some people are better or more in tune with what they value, and some are more in tune with how to strategically get a value.
The gut is about decisions, what we want, what we yearn for, what we think is best. Our instincts represent our experience, how we see things, how we feel about a situation, where we are, if we feel safe or welcome. Some are more in tune with their instincts and their sense of the situation, where some are more in tune with their gut, what they yearn for, crave, or want.

The heart may bring up worries “Do people like me? Am I worthy of being liked? Am I a good person?” and also sentiments of care and appreciation, of what we value, what we dislike, what we appreciate in others. The heart types are the 2s (Caregivers) 3s (Performers) and 4s (Innocents)

The head may bring up thoughts “How do I get a value? What do I value? What is it I want, and how do I act to get what I want?” It also brings up strategies, plans, and ways to go from point A to point B. It spots issues and obstacles on the way. The head types are the 5 (Sages), 6 (Companions), and 7s (Explorers)

Your gut brings up the question of what you hunger, yearn for, desire. What is it you want to be more satisfied? What do you reach for? What do you wish for? Do you feel fulfilled or do you feel that you miss or need something? 
The gut types are: The 8 (Challenger) 9 (Peacemaker) and 1 (Reformer)

Your instincts will tell you if you feel safe or uncomfortable in a situation. Where do you feel safe, where do you feel less safe? What gives you safety and comfort and what brings you discomfort? Do you feel relaxed or do you feel unsettled? The instincts are the self-preservation (The healer) instinct, the social instinct (The Everyperson), and the sexual instinct. (The Lover) 


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