Flow Dimensions Personality Test [Alpha]

This personality test tracks your personal development and highlights your primary skills and blindspots, areas where you need to work and improve, and areas where you are doing well and have found a good, positive flow. I measure your personality based on how you are doing in four different dimensions:

  • Privately
  • Socially
  • At work or in your career
  • During play and recreation

The test measures your values, your identity, and your behaviour according to four scales:

  • Organization
  • Creativity
  • Connection
  • Competence


  • 16 Personalities (240)
  • Cognitive Functions (55)
  • INFJ (53)
  • Fiction (42)
  • Cognitive Functions (39)
  • Relationships (38)
  • YouTube Videos (29)
  • INFP (28)
  • Health (27)
  • ENFP (25)

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