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Enneagram Advice for Creatives

There’s not one creative Enneagram type but several. Enneagram Ones and Fours are probably more known for their creativity than any other personality types but Threes and Nines can also be highly creative. In Myers Briggs Type Indicator, the more iNtuitive the more likely to be creative. In DiSC, it’s the Influencer types that are the most known for wild and wacky ideas.

What I’ve learnt is that my community is packed with Creative types and artists and many struggling artists. Yesterday, more than 300 people liked my post and tuned in to share their struggles being creative.

Advice for anxious/depressed creative types

16 Personalities Advice For Creatives

  1. Love your perfectionism. Don’t get frustrated because things aren’t up to your standards. Get excited that there’s room for change and improvements!
  2. Don’t feel bad for going your own way or not fitting with the status quo. Be proud that you’re going your own way and doing your own thing!
  3. Don’t push yourself to set a value on and measure how well your ideas perform. Not all your ideas have to be successful.
  4. Don’t overcommit your creativity to others. You don’t owe other people new ideas or free creative work.
  5. Appreciate and support your creative process!

As you might get, advice #1 fits for an Enneagram 1 type, and #2 for a Enneagram 4 type. #3 is good for a Three and #4 is great advice for a Type Nine. Which do you relate to the most? #5 is for everyone, love your process and give yourself space and time. Feed your creativity with good things.

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