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Hey everyone, I’m Erik Thor, an expert on using personality psychology for flow and personal development.

MBTI Loops

Let’s talk about Cognitive Function Loops. The video titled “MBTI LOOPS Explained (INFJ Example)” by Erik Thor delves into Carl Jung’s concept of cognitive function loops and how they can lead to repetitive thinking patterns and behaviors. The video uses the INFJ personality type as an example to illustrate these loops.

Erik Thor starts by explaining how individuals can find themselves stuck in cycles of repeating the same mistakes despite intending to change. He attributes this to a natural bias and personality tendency towards certain types of thinking, leading to imbalances in decisions and actions. Thor discusses the concept of walking in circles, metaphorically illustrating how natural biases can cause people to revisit the same issues repeatedly.

To counteract these loops, Thor suggests that individuals must understand and work against their natural tendencies and biases. He highlights 16 types of biases related to aspects such as assertiveness, modesty, initiative, perfectionism, collaboration, independence, adaptability, and stability. He emphasizes the need for intelligence over a fixed mindset to navigate different situations effectively.

Thor argues that autopilot mode, where individuals don’t reflect on their actions, can prevent learning and adapting to new challenges. He discusses the impact of modern-day stress on falling into familiar loops and cycles, reducing neuroplasticity and the ability to formulate new solutions.

The video also covers strategies for breaking out of loops, such as engaging in mindful rest, contemplative activities, journaling, and slowing down the pace of life to prevent mental exhaustion. Thor introduces the concept of the hero’s journey as a metaphor for embracing challenges and stepping out of comfort zones to avoid falling into loops.

He concludes by advocating for spirals over loops as a model for growth, suggesting that while people should leverage their dominant traits, they should also address their weaknesses and biases to make small, incremental improvements towards their higher self and the person they wish to become. Thor offers coaching to help individuals break free from these loops and pursue personal growth and development.


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