The Big Five – OCEAN Personality Types

Known as The Big Five, The Five Factor Model, OCEAN and much more, the Big 5 is a practical system of personality psychology that focuses on observable, tangible differences in your behaviour and personality.

What is the Big Five?

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The OCEAN model is a popular alternative to Myers Briggs Type Indicator. If you study the transformation of the MBTI over time, the MBTI has come to resemble the Big Five more and more. is a website that has taken over and rebranded the MBTI completely, selling the 16 MBTI personality types but using the Big Five to test and measure the types in practice.

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The Five Factor Model

Big 5

A scientific method for classifying personality types, focusing on measuring and classifying easy to measure behaviour.


A measurement on how outgoing you are. In the Myers Briggs, the more Introverted you are, the more likely you are to be reserved. The more Extroverted you are, the more likely you are to be Outgoing.


Openness types are typically strong in iNtuition. Those that are lower in openness tend to be more traditional. Traditional types are stronger in Sensing.


Agreeableness is a scale of how cooperative or collaborative you are. Feeling types tend to be more agreeable. Thinking types less agreeable.


Conscientious types are typically stronger in Judging while less Conscientious types are typically more Perceiving.


Openness types are typically strong in iNtuition. Traditional types are stronger in Sensing.

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