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Aquarius Horoscope (The Magician)

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THE AQUARIUS SIGN. Aquarians are represented by the Water Bearer symbol. This can both be a symbol of creativity and potential destruction as Aquarians are just as often seen as rebels against the old as innovators of the new. In my studies of Aquarius, I have found many commonalities with the Magician archetype. Both are at their best, intellectuals or at their worst, pretentious types. At times you are whimsical and eccentric. But this is also what your friends and family members love most about you. You will surprise many throughout life. Therefore, embrace and trust in your creativity.

Dark Air

Aquarius Description (The Magician)

Firstly, Aquarians are true intellectuals with a love for big ideas and ideals. They work to formulate big complex ideologies and to come up with bold visions for their society. Often, the more big, bold, and impossible, the more attractive to the Aquarian. You like a challenge.

As an Aquarius, you may sometimes find yourself drawn to the odd and different. You like novelty and change. You try to shape and mold the world in a new image. Aquarians believe they can bring the unconscious world of ideas and possibilities into the world.

This is often a difficult quest for you. You will make many mistakes along the way, and ideas have a life of their own. Aquarians often have many failures behind them and work through trial and error to learn and improve. Some think you are insane for trying, but there is eventually a payoff. Don’t be afraid to take risks. You will eventually release potential that can make the world a better place.

Air signs: Libra, Gemini, Aquarius

Aquarius dates (21st of January – 20th of February)

AQUARIUS DATES. Aquarians are born in the beginning of the year. In these times, we are all bustling with ideas and new found energy, as we have been able to shake off the pain of the past. The sun is starting to come back and we feel revitalised and ready to start up new projects. This energy is everywhere around you during your first days of living and is something you are said to carry with you later in your years.

When at your best, you love ideas. Firstly, you are an explorer and often an inventor and innovator. Therefore, you aspire to bring new knowledge and information into the world. Secondly, the Aquarius sign shares many commonalities with the Magician archetype. This type is associated with unconventional powers and abilities at times, and trickery at other times. People see you as an enigma and don’t always understand your thought process or how you get things done.

Finally, people can both marvel at your unique lifestyle and quirky mannerisms, and cringe if they find you unnecessarily complicated or bizarre. Teacher’s may say you don’t follow instructions, and parents may find you hard to parent. Because ultimately, you want to be in charge of your own life. Be careful that you, in your love of novelty and the new, don’t hold on to what is different just because it is different. Remember, the creative process is messy and not all your ideas are meant to work – some are just practice. Therefore, try to find ideas that hold actual value to the world and to other people. Try to manifest your intellect in a constructive and healthy way.

Are you an Aquarius?

Let me know what you think about aquarius and what your horoscope is!


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