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Hey everyone, I’m Erik Thor, an expert on using personality psychology for flow and personal development.

Am I An Expert?

People often ask me if I consider myself an expert on typology or not. I just thought I’d take a moment to answer that. First of all, I don’t know if I am an expert, which is why I have been so open to working with other systems. Whenever I am in doubt, I go back to the original words of Jung and the Cognitive Functions. I don’t offer a typing service in the same way others do because I don’t consider myself qualified to tell other people what type they are, instead I offer a lighter consultation, with the aim of helping each person type themselves.

I do offer strategies and helpful tips to help people figure out their own type and to become more secure in their typing though. I cannot say that my system or model is the superior model of all models, but I can say that I work hard to apply my model in a way that is ethical and that will be helpful to you. I could do what all the other experts do and say “You are definitely an ISFP!”, but what is the point of that to you? It is way more important for you that you can see for yourself WHY you are an ISFP and that you can find a way to use that in your personal life.

So why do people watch my videos and read my articles, if there are other people out there way smarter than me with more logically thought out systems? I think what I can offer is in terms of my attitude to life and my general life philosophy. I am people-positive, humble, and I strive for authenticity and wisdom in every decision I make. Ethics are important to me, so finding an ethical, and positive way of applying typology to help other people.

Looking at what makes people happy, when they are stressed, and what I can do to make people feel better about themselves and more confident in who they are. The goal of flow types is to help people find out who they are at their best. The goal of the subtypes that I am known for was to show people that types are not as stereotypical or simplistic or narrow as they might first appear, and that there is a lot of nuance inside each personality type.

Now, this does not mean that I don’t aspire to be correct or to figure out the truth, just that it has always been a secondary priority to me. It’s way more important to me that my videos and articles help you all, than that I figure out the objective scientific truth to the personality types. Perhaps it is a humble recognition that I know that I am a Feeling personality type and that my values are not in that area. I see myself far more as a philosopher, caregiver, a coach, a mentor or counsellor than as a scientist, expert, sage or critic, and want to play to my own strengths and help where I think I can make the biggest positive difference. Thanks for listening to my ted talk, and happy holidays!


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