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4 Signs You Are Not An INFP Anymore

You used to think you were an INFP, now what?

You used to have this attachment to being the always hopeful, slightly melancholic dreamer. But that doesn’t really fit you anymore. Are you really an INFP? Were you ever an INFP? Have you changed your personality type? These are four signs that you are an INFP anymore.

1. You’re not an introvert anymore

You might have felt depressed or low on energy. Perhaps you got a bit burnt out on life. It could also be that you didn’t have the right people in your life. Now that you’ve met the right people, you’ve blossomed to a bit of a social butterfly. You enjoy social interaction and find it peaceful and refreshing to be around other people. You actually get energy from having a busy and active life. Having nothing to do or being by yourself, becomes boring quickly to you.

2. You’re not an iNtuitive anymore

You used to always think you were an iNtuitive. But actually, you’re pretty down to earth. You can enjoy having abstract conversations, but you like them to always be based on something real. You get annoyed when people blindly speculate without any concrete basis. You like to think about how ideas can be applied in practice. You give concrete and detailed examples. You’re resilient and you don’t give up or change your mind easily. People say you’re stubborn. These are all signs that you’re actually a Sensor.

3. You’re not a Feeling type anymore

You’ve always been a friendly, social person. You try your best to get along with others, and you try to collaborate with others when necessary. But actually, you prefer to work alone. You’re competitive, and you enjoy challenge. You think rationally before you consider your own feelings. You’re not afraid to get into disagreements with other people and to have discussions with the group. You like to argue using logic and evidence, rather than by appealing to other’s emotions.

4. You’re not a Perceiving type anymore

Perhaps you were never really a Perceiving type. Perhaps you were just overwhelmed. When life gets busy, we can sometimes get stressed and lose control of the situation. Even a Judging type can sometimes find themselves feeling spread too thin, wanting to be everywhere at once, and this can make you sloppy, messy or more chaotic. But you’ve been able to slow down and regain some control of your life, and you’re starting to fall into a comfortable routine. You feel better when you have a plan you can work from, and when you have the time to schedule and organise your work.

If either of these statements are true, you are probably not an ENFP anymore. You might have changed your type, or you were always another personality type. Do you feel happy with your changes?

Check out this video to learn more about the ENFP and see if it really fits you!


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