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The Emotional Lives of the Sixteen Personalities

Can we predict a persons type simply by observing what they are feeling and how they deal with […]
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Common INFJ Problems / The ESTP Shadow

The shadow side of an INFJ is the ESTP. And while the ESTP is often misportrayed an aggressive […]
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ENFPs as Mentors And Sidekicks

My last two articles, on the ‘Hero’ (flow-state) and ‘Rival’ represent the most well known state of opposing […]
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No, you don't need to develop your inferior function

It is common to describe personality development as developing your weaker functions. I think this stems from a […]
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How I Become As An ENFP Under Stress

ENFPs, according to the classical MBTI literature have been described as enthusiastic, curious, investigative, upbeat, friendly, and many […]
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