How do you know if you are an iNtuitive or a Sensory type?

In this lesson, I'm going to demonstrate the difference between iNtuition and Sensing.

iNtuitives are people that respond positively to new information and complexity. New, fresh ideas, creative expression, and originality fires you up. You enjoy building new neural pathways and changing your perspective. Tasks are more fun the less you know about them. The more clear or simple something becomes, the less it interests you.

Sensory types are types that respond more positively to knowledge and simplicity. The more clear or concrete something is, the more fun. You enjoy making things real and thinking of practical approaches to a task. You use strength and past experience to your advantage to solve problems.

Demoralised iNtuitives and insecure Sensors

There are certainly iNtuitives that through experience have become more demoralised. They feel they have no room for creative expression. They are worried about not fitting in or not being able to meet practical demands. They feel they need to prioritise money, social recognition, and status over their ideas. They are sure their ideas would never work, or worry about being laughed at or mocked for doing something different.

There are also certainly insecure Sensors. They may worry about the future or find themselves pondering what-ifs. If there is any uncertainty, they will hyperfocus on it, and their fear is that what they have built will fall apart, or that what they know will be proven wrong.

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