What is the difference between introverts and extroverts?

In this lesson, I will show you the difference between introverts and extroverts. The key difference is actually quite simple. It's about how you respond to going out to the world vs tuning inwards. Let me show you:

Introverts are people that are recharged when they tune inwards. After spending time on your own, you feel like you are brimming with energy. You feel calm and steady and secure. Extroverts are people that find it draining to be on their own. Being on your own, you feel more anxious. You feel low, unsettled, and turbulent.

As an Extrovert, you prefer to spend time with people and to focus on active, outgoing hobbies. As an Extrovert, you prefer to focus on applying ideas and testing them through direct action. Extroverts prefer to complete tasks quickly, and like fast-paced environments.

As an Introvert, you prefer to take your time on an activity. You like to sit with an idea for a while and just think about it. You don't like to be rushed, and enjoy theoretical pursuits, that rely on lots of thinking and reflection. You prefer analytical activities.

Outgoing introverts and shy extroverts

You can be an outgoing introvert, and then you are a person that, while you prefer alone time, are prepared to go out and put yourself in uncomfortable situations for the sake of your ideas and thoughts. You have developed to be more direct and you might live in an environment that relies on quick deadlines, speed, and social interaction. However, being like this is draining for you, and you sometimes dream of being able to settle down and taking it more easy.

You can also be a shy or reserved extrovert. That means you are a person that prefers social interaction or going out, but past experiences have been tough on you. You have experienced rejection and difficulty with other people or disappointments in your projects. You might face pressure from your parents or boss to be perfect and to never make mistakes. This may have made you turn more inwards, forcing yourself to hold your tongue or to hide yourself from the world, even if you would be happier if you didn't.

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