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The INFP Gaze - INFPs Dreamy Eyes Explained

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Have you ever heard that your gaze looked dreamy? Have people asked you what you are thinking about? Today we talk about how people perceive the INFP Gaze and INFP eyes.

I made this video because I've noticed all types have different body language in and around the eyes. For example, an ESTJ will have a more angry or impatient look when listening, and a more relaxed expression during an argument.

The INFPs Eyes in short

Introverted Feeling makes people perceive you as naturally understanding and accepting

Extroverted iNtuition gives you a serious but curious smile.

Introverted Sensing comes off as relaxing and unusually tolerant.

Extroverted Thinking makes people back off if they start pushing your buttons.

Introverted iNtuition gives you a bemused and silly, dreamy expression

Extroverted Feeling comes off as an unexpected surprising warmth if somebody is able to melt your walls.

Introverted Thinking comes off as an anxious "bite your teeth" critical look

Extroverted Sensing as an unusually tense eye contact.

Find out more about the INFP Gaze in today's video!

Did you agree with the video? Let me know in the comments below!

Learn more about INFPs by checking out this cool article I wrote.

The INFP Gaze - INFPs Dreamy Eyes Explained

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