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Introverted Extrovert or Extroverted Introvert?

Introverted Judging types are introverted extroverts, meaning that first, they are people that draw their energy from their […]
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Personality Profiling Quiz #1

Personality Profiling Quiz #1 Answers are released and discussed 21st of june 14.00 on youtube and in a […]
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How To Become More Outgoing As An Introvert... Or As An Extravert?

Stereotypes say introverts are less outgoing than extraverts. This is because people often assume that extraverts are socially […]
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No such thing as an ambivert

While people are quick to leave blanket statements such as "everyone is an ambivert", what they do when […]
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What is a highly sensitive person?

What is a highly sensitive person? The official explanation provided by Elaine Aron, the lead researcher on the […]
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