Spiral Dynamics Test I 2022 Version

Do you have a static mindset or a growth mindset? And what can you do to improve your mindset? I built this test with inspiration from Spiral Dynamics, a system that believes that people progress through stages of personal development. The test will ask you about your values and how you see life. Your answers reveal things such as your openness to learn, your modesty, and your view on free will. Were your results accurate? Feel free to leave a comment down below!

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  • 16 Personalities (240)
  • Cognitive Functions (55)
  • INFJ (53)
  • Fiction (42)
  • Cognitive Functions (39)
  • Relationships (38)
  • YouTube Videos (29)
  • INFP (28)
  • Health (27)
  • ENFP (25)

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