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Objective Personality Test v0.9

My name is Erik Thor, and my goal is to use personality psychology to help people actualize into their best version of themselves. If you enjoyed this article, consider becoming a patron. Thanks so much for reading and sharing my ideas! 
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Disclaimer: This test is based on the Objective Personality system which works very differently to the traditional Myers Briggs Type Indicator. I made this test for the Objective Personality community. If you are looking for my general personality test, try it here.

It is possible you will have a different personality type in Objective Personality than you would on the 16 Personalities test. Look at if the results and scales seem to match up with the questions and see if the result makes sense based on its own merit and definitions. This is only based on your own self-assessment and so you may end up getting a different result than you would get from Dave or Shannon. This test is not endorsed by Objective Personality, but I plan on sharing insights and information with them. Check out Objective Personality to learn more about their work!

Help me test out the questions and let me know your thoughts on your results and questions in the comments below! If you want to support the personality test, feel free to share it online or become a patron here.

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I am doing a weekly series on Objective Personality and will be reviewing all their ideas!


Objective Personality Test v0.9

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8 comments on “Objective Personality Test v0.9”

  1. (4/5)

    The test results were intj, but the analysis showed perceiving over judging and extroverted intuition over introverted (all other functions were tied). That might corroborate the typing I got as an enfp??

  2. (5/5)

    Incredible test Eric! I almost got my exact type out of 512 when 16 personalitites never gets it correct. My guess was MF-ENTP-Ne/Fe-PCBS and I got FM-ENTP-Ne/Fe-PCBS. I honestly didn't think that would be possible, it was quite a short test as well. Any idea on why I might have gotten my modalities utside down?

  3. (5/5)


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    Other than that, your test indicated I am an FF-ENTP-Ne/Fe-PCBS, which is a lot more letters than I am used to.

  4. It got me completely wrong, unfortunately. I'm an individual who has worked on my issues relating to my typing. And therefore, the test doesn't catch that. The test has great questions, but it's rather static, and focuses on generalisations than dynamic change which happens in life. You can be at tifferent stages of your type: an immature one, or a more mature one.
    Also, my personal opinion is that too much of the test focuses on what you prefer rather than what your problems are in life. They will give different answers. Like, for example, I have demon Di, but since Blast is my last animal, I still use my Di more than a "textbook" ExxJ. Therefore, I have learned the value of exploring and valuing my Di more.

  5. I'm confused my dominant function is listed as Ni and I'm introversion dominant but I'm typed as ENFJ. this doesn't make sense.

  6. (3/5)

    weird i got FM ENTP Ne/Fe PBCS that’s one i’ve never heard before… been floating around in typology for like 4 years now. i’ve always been quite sure i use Se above most other functions and Di.

  7. (2/5)

    Not the best test in my opinion. The questions felt like they were geared towards the enneagram than towards the functions. And some of the functions questions were stereotypical or untrue. Ironic to be called an objective test.

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