What is the flow state?

We reach a flow state when we can act and do things that connect to our core values. Flow requires us to feel fully immersed with an activity. We often do things that don't connect to our passions. These actions can cause us to feel stress, anxiety, or boredom. We often function in an autopilot state. In this state, we experience low consciousness and awareness. Our actions are automatic, instinctive, or repetitive.

The Flow State feels exhilerating, as we are able to do something we truly enjoy. We experience a lot of energy during this activity, and so, it can feel as if you are on a roller coaster ride. The good thing about the flow state is that it represents not just what you love, but also things that you feel confident about. When in flow, you experience a sense of control and awareness of what you are doing. You feel in charge, you feel competent, and you feel capable, as if you are doing something you were born to do.

Everyone has a mission, a purpose, a talent, and you have talents where you could flourish and blossom to the best version of yourself. When you are able to find what that purpose is, you will find your flow state.

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