How Your Mindset And Emotions Blind Your Actions & Decisions

The Enneagram represents trained, ingrained thinking patterns. It represents how you think that the world works and how things are. Your mindset can limit you and cause you to miss or ignore important information. By thinking that everyone will operate a certain way or that things are only a certain way, you may fall into black and white thinking, or make errors of judgement. While the Cognitive Functions are cognitive, and focused on the mechanical aspects of how we think, the Enneagram is emotional, and focuses on how emotions blind us or how we can become irrational or think about things from a subjective point of view. Anger, anxiety, or shame can become attached to our actions and decisions.

Unlike the cognitive functions, the Enneagram is how you have trained to think, and is often represented by a must or a should. You feel forced to think or act a certain way, or be a certain kind of person, and your Enneagram represents that role or how you think you need to be. By understanding your Enneagram, you can understand what limiting beliefs you operate under, and learn to challenge these beliefs.

The Cognitive Functions show that we can learn to think or perceive the world in any way. We are not limited to act or think in any particular way. You can learn to entertain multiple perspectives and to see things from different viewpoints. By learning to develop cognitive flexibility, you can learn to use more cognitive functions and develop a smarter judgement. You want to learn to integrate and use all cognitive functions to make smart, well informed decisions.

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