The Big Five is one of the most accurate instruments to understand your present self and your current behaviour. Sometimes referred to as the OCEAN model, it tracks your level of Outgoingness or Reservedness, Openess to Experience or Traditionality, Agreeableness or Disagreeableness, Conscientiousness or Easygoingness, and finally, your level of Neuroticism or Emotional Stability.

While the Big Five can give an accurate understanding of your present life and lifestyle, it can only say what you are currently like, at your current job or workplace, or with your current friends or family members. Your culture has a big influence on your practical personality and what you act like on a normal day to day setting. You may have values or motivations that are different than what you appear like. The Big Five is objective, and scientifically respected, but sometimes superficial.

Use the Big Five to gain an idea of your current state, but understand that you can change your lifestyle. You can learn to be more or less Conscientious or Outgoing through consistent effort and hard work. Your behaviour is not static. If you want to be something else, you can. The MBTI or 16 Personalities model can be used to better understand your ideal self and who you would ideally like to be.

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