What values do you have an antagonistic or negative association to?

There are no objectively bad or negative values. All values are naturally enriching and positive for their own sake. We may however develop negative associations with certain values. We may feel that security, or tradition, blocks the way of progress or innovation. We may feel that friendship is blocking the path of success. Or we might feel that material pursuit, or the desire of power or recognition, stands in the way of wisdom or spiritual growth.

What's worse is, we often feel that our values are objectively superior to the values of other people. We are all engaged in a global political conflict, battling out between different types and preferences. But perhaps, we should be looking at creating a society which allows everyone to pursue their dreams and values, and find strategic ways to balance people who need freedom, with people who need and value security, without clipping the wings of one, or risking the comfort of the other?

For you, specifically, think about what values or interests that you experience in a negative way. What brings you stress or discomfort, and what can make you feel drained or bored over time? What job would you hate more than any other and why? Negative values are just things that don't feel right to us. We have a strong negative gut reaction to doing or pursuing these values. It's not that we cannot value them, however. A creative person may value that someone else is organised or helps them keep track of times and dates. A traditional person may appreciate someone open-minded, who can keep track of new events and keep them alert and prepared for what's next. It's only that you would not want to engage in or pursue these values yourself.

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