What is it you want to do but feel afraid to?

We have many things that we value yet feel that we lack the skill or confidence to pursue. Can you think of any values that you would like to have or experience, yet feel are outside your comfort zone? Beyond being outside our comfort zone, these values may feel denied from us.

We would like to engage in these activities more, but we feel scared to, or perhaps, we don't have the time. We may have too much stress on our hands, or too much pressure from work. Engaging in these values or interests can feel like a leisurely luxury. We know we lack the talent to succeed professionally in this area, so these values are pursued primarily as a source of recreation.

We live in a society which cherishes hard work and as we grow older, we may become taken over by our own inner adult, losing touch with our inner child. Still, childish play, and carefree exploration of things simply for the sake of enjoyment is something net positive and enriching. And who is to say we couldn't become more talented in these activities over time? Talent is not innate, and so, you can learn to improve or better yourself in any area you would like. Knowing this, what are your luxury values and what is it you would spend more time doing, if you had more free time, and less time to work?

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