The strategy I recommend to anyone who is uncertain about their personality type.

I have a strategy to help anyone find out their personality type. Use these strategies to objectively verify your personality type.

1. Get an accurate understanding of your behaviour using the Big 5

First, you want to understand your present situation and you want to gain an accurate understanding of what you are currently like. The Big 5 is an objective, scientifically approved method to measure your outgoingness, openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness and neuroticism.

2. Analyse your scores based on what you would ideally like to be

Would you get more energy from being more outgoing, or would you feel better if you set more social boundaries?

Would you find more fun in having more hobbies and cultural interests?

Would you prefer to be more agreeable and having more room to collaborate, or would you enjoy a more competitive environment or lifestyle more?

Would you be happier if you had more structure and order, or would it make you more stressed?

Was your result on Neuroticism very high? The higher your Neuroticism score, the more likely that you are mistyped.

3. Formulate a type hypothesis and find ways to test it

Once you have an idea about what you would like to be, I would call this your type hypothesis. What you now want to do is test your type hypothesis. Make more decisions and take more action to become more like that personality type and see how you respond to those changes. Does having more control and more order make you happier, or does it make you feel more stressed? Take some time to feel out the changes, preferably more than a few weeks, to settle into the changes and see how you respond to them. If it doesn't fit you, the hypothesis was probably incorrect.

You will not find your type simply by thinking about it. You have to go out and do something with the results you found. Now, take some time to browse the different systems.

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