What are my core values?

A core value is something that is so important to you that it becomes a defining part of your self and your personal identity. Everyone has a set of core values, but not everyone can easily define what their core values are. You don't find out your core values only by reading books or thinking about it theoretically, you have to actively go out in the world and find out your values by putting yourself in stressful or challenging situations, and then introspect on and reflect on your reaction to these situations.

Three Criteria For A Core Value

You know something is a core value if it is something that:

  1. Feels inherently meaningful or valuable, no matter what anyone else thinks.
    Even if your parents or friends don't care about it, you have a strong feeling that it is important and that it matters to you.
  2. You are prepared to go through hardship in order to protect your values
    You'd actively fight for your values and put yourself in stressful situations for the sake of your values.
  3. It can explain most of your past decisions
    If you think back to why you acted a certain way or did a certain thing, it was most likely subconsciously influenced by your core values.

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