What is your ideal self?

The study of personality type can sometimes feel complicated and muddy. Many models of personality type are needlessly abstract. Therefore, this course is meant to provide a simplified approach to personality type and the flow code.

My goal with this course is to show you why flow is such an important concept to understand your personality type. It is to establish the base rules to help you understand how to generate flow and how to manage stress. It provides a base definition to understand your personality type better. It should clear up confusions you have regarding how personality types work and can work to improve your flow, motivation, and passion in life.

What I'm going to show you is that:

  • Your personality type is intimately connected to your core values and preferences
  • Everyone has a set of core values that are unique to them and their personality type
  • Most people are out of touch with their core values, and that is detrimental to their health and well-being
  • By finding your core values, you can live a happier, and healthier lifestyle

If you haven't already, take my personality test to get started on finding out what your core values are, and then come back in to continue to course.

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